46 minutes | Jun 3rd 2018

GenYChron Ep. 0008 – Demystifying yourself, your IQ and the education system

Show summary Do you know how your personality compares to 10 000 others? This week we try to demystify ourselves by taking a scientifically valid personality test. The results were somewhat surprising... we also discuss some facts worth knowing about intelligence and how your IQ is determined. To top it off, we talk about our childhood experiences in an obsolete education system. Show notes 0:35 - understandmyself.com (A scientifically valid personality test that compares the five big personality traits against +10 000 people who’ve also taken the test) 2:32 - Learn more about the understandmyself.com personality test and its practical applications (YouTube link) 5:40 - Jordan Peterson’s 2017 lecture on Biology & Traits: Openness/Intelligence/Creativity I (YouTube link) 5:45 - Fluid IQ and crystallized IQ (Wikipedia article) 7:03 - Fluid IQ decreases with age, but you can slow down this process with exercise (Research article) 8:05 - Brisk walking is a good kind of exercise for all ages (Research post by Harvard Medical School) 9:00 - “We evolved to out-walk our prey” (Wikipedia article about persistence hunting) 11:14 - “Does diet affect intelligence”? (Research article) 11:40 - Breastfeeding boosts fluid IQ (Research article) 12:44 - “If you have a big head, it might be a good thing” 12:58 - The controversy surrounding IQ 13:52 - China is trying to find the Holy Grail of intelligence 15:19 - The United States military has been testing the IQ of their recruits for decades 16:54 - “I’m sure there are a few other things about childhood development that could affect your fluid IQ” (Spanking or other forms of corporal punishment can lower a child’s IQ) 19:31 - How do you define intelligence, and are there different types of intelligence? 23:13 - “You may have a great brain that can process things really quickly, but if something is taught to you in a really poor way, then it may take you a very long time to learn that properly” 23:39 - “Good teachers are underrated” 27:27 - Learning mathematics in university was much easier than learning it in grade school 28:38 - “That’s a big critique of the modern Western education system” (Article about the downfall of the Western education system) 33:00 - “I don’t understand why financial knowledge is not taught from early on” 34:03 - What are your alternatives to the current education system? (Montessori education, Waldorf education, etc.) 37:29 - School-aged children aren’t getting enough free play and this is a serious public health issue (Research article) 42:27 - Is homeschooling or home education an option worth looking at?
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