62 minutes | Jul 12, 2019

Sum of Their Powers Combined (Concept Albums)

This episode is all about the glory of concept albums. Covering songs about the comic Shadowman, the story of Mega Man 2, and a variety of stories from a book on modern fairy tales. Don't forget to support the artists featured in this episode. You can acquire their music by clicking on the links below. You can also find more about how to find them and their music under their artist profiles. Producer: Scooter Mann Host: Scooter Mann Audio Engineering: Scooter Mann Featured Songs A Sound of Thunder - Children of the Dark {Shadowman} A Sound of Thunder - Deadside A Sound of Thunder - Tower of Souls The Megas - The Message from Dr. Light/Level Select {Mega Man 2} The Megas - The Quick and the Blue/Quickman The Megas - Lamentations of a War Machine/End Song S.J. Tucker - Sorrow's Song {High Fantasy} S.J. Tucker - Solace S.J. Tucker - Firebird's Child Concept Albums Used: A Sound of Thunder - Tales From the Deadside {About the Comic: Shadowman} The Megas - Get Equipped {About the Video Game: Mega Man 2} S.J. Tucker - Solace & Sorrow {Inspired by the Book: "The Orphan's Tales: In the Cities of Coin and Spice" by Catherynne M. Valente} Special Guests: A Sound of Thunder, S.J. Tucker, and The Megas.Sponsored By:Spoiler Alert: You won't believe, how it ends.Glitter-B-Gone: Glitter-B-Gone. Finally, you too can be 100 percent glitter free! Support Geekcore Radio
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