30 minutes | Oct 11, 2019

Beat Buffet (Food)

Today's episode is about all things food related. Hope you're hungry, cause we got plenty to serve. Don't forget to support the artists featured in this episode. You can acquire their music by clicking on the links below. You can also find more about how to find them and their music under their artist profiles. Producer: Scooter Mann Host: Scooter Mann Audio Engineering: Scooter Mann Featured Artists Zach Sherwin - Produce CG5 - EGG Meri Amber - Pizza and Ice Cream bill wurtz - The Moon Is Made of Cheese (But I Can’t Taste It) The Cog is Dead - The Gumbo Song (Feat. Professor Elemental) Brandon Jamar Scott - Lasagna Marian Call - The Avocado Song The Aquabats! - Burger Rain Special Guests: bill wurtz, Brandon Jamar Scott, CG5, Marian Call, Meri Amber , Professor Elemental, The Aquabats!, The Cog is Dead, and Zach Sherwin.Sponsored By:SlayBC: Your home for questionable entertainment.Anti-Spectral League of Astronauts: The Moon's Haunted. Give to the ASLA so we can re-claim our space rights.OkCthulhu: Bringing Cultists together, one horror at a time.Support Geekcore Radio
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