32 minutes | Feb 13, 2020

Bad Romance (Romance, Mature Themes)

Instead of taking you down that well-worn path of saccharine songs about “twue wuv”, it’s high time we took a look at romance gone wrong. That being said, while there aren’t any explicit lyrics in these songs, there are a couple with some mature themes, so be aware before diving in with younger listeners. Now, don’t go gaga, but it’s time for a little...Bad Romance. Don't forget to support the artists featured in this episode. You can acquire their music by clicking on the links below. You can also find more about how to find them and their music under their artist profiles. Producer: Scooter Mann Host: Max Baskin Audio Engineer: Scooter MannSpecial Guests: Kirby Krackle, Mayor Wertz, Mikey Mason, Misbehavin' Maidens, Steam Powered Giraffe, The Aquabats!, The PDX Broadsides, and Tribe One.Sponsored By:Bermuda Triangle Tourism Board: Come For The Tropical Weather! Stay Because, You Can't Leave!Pack of Lions: They're right behind you. Run.OkCthulhu: Bringing Cultists together, one horror at a time.Support Geekcore RadioLinks:Tribe One - Why We Can’t be FriendsKirby Krackle - Up Up Down DownMisbehavin Maidens - Don't Sail There No MoreMayor Wertz - I Think I'm Gonna Die (My Girl's Into True Crime)Mikey Mason - She Don't Like FireflyThe PDX Broadsides - Far Away and Distant OneThe Aquabats! - Martian Girl!Steam Powered Giraffe - Honeybee
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