79 minutes | Mar 24th 2021

GGS 356 Spring Break

This week Susan, Kelly, & Cort go on Spring Break to space, the beach, and a cabin in the woods. Other things we watched this week: Calls (Apple TV+), Jann (Hulu), US vs Billie Holiday (Hulu). 11:01 Avenue 5 (HBOMax) 24:59 Star Trek (TOS) S1E15 Shore Leave (Netflix, Hulu, Paramount+) 32:23 Star Trek: Deep Space 9 S5E7 Let He Who Is Without Sin (Netflix) tangent to Justice League 51:13 57:03 Psycho Beach Party (Amz or rent) 1:07:56 extra credit: Cabin in the Woods (AmzPrime) 1:09:50 Next week - more March Madness sports movies/shows: Ted Lasso (Atv+) Real Sports (most recent episode, HBO Max) Seven Days in Hell (HBO Max) Extra Credit: Borg v McEnroe (Hulu) Battle of the Sexes (rent) Sports Night (series AMZ/IMDb, Susan’s DVDs) The Replacements (Hulu) Tiger (HBOMax January) Leap (AmzPrime) Check out Susan's movie stats on Letterboxd https://letterboxd.com/barbisu/stats/ Thank you for listening. Original music by Garrett Thompson Join us for live tweets of our favorite shows, and Follow us on Twitter @GeekGirlSoup Support your Geek Girls at www.cafepress.com/GeekGirlSoup Continue the conversation on facebook.com/groups/GeekGirlSoup Email your questions and comments to GeekGirlSoup@gmail.com Geek on!  
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