117 minutes | Oct 14, 2021


Cultivate A Positive Mental Momentum and Achieve Your Wildest Dreams. You can have Positive or Negative Mental Momentum. Cultivating a Positive Mental Momentum should be the goal of every person. Our actions and desires are based on the positive mental imaginations that give us the required boost to achieve our dreams. People with positive mental momentum feel like they are performing with the wind behind their sails, invincible, and it is only a matter of time before they get everything they want in life. Join me, Michael Gebben, in this exciting episode of MIND TUNEUP TIME, where you will learn about 767 inner vs. outer, Positive Mental Momentum and how to achieve it, what’s behind your but, intellectual vs. embodiment, and more! I highly suggest if your schedule allows joining the live recording of these episodes on zoom every Tuesday at 2 pm CST. The chat and the community there is INCREDIBLE! You can register at http://mindtuneuptimelive.com During this episode, you will learn about; [01:02] What we shall cover in this episode [04:20] Cultivating a robust mental momentum [08:12] Stop making new resolutions and take action! [14:30] How our inner conditioning shape outer behaviors; The 767 inner vs. outer [16:55] ‘Own the now’ Inspiration by Brett Culp [21:00] Breaking the limiting barriers-facts and fiction [29:37] A brief backstory of how his father inspired Michael’s career [39:37] Having positive mental momentum makes your life unstoppable [46:56] Difference between intellectual understanding and embodiment [53:02] Getting knowledge without application will never bring any difference [58:28] It is sometimes good to say “...but” [01:07:24] Potential is independent of one person to another [01:12:42] Connect with us and build a new network! [01:19:27] Be curious, not judgmental by Ted Lasso [01:22:46] Be yourself; anyway [01:32:52] The #1 Business tip; Yes, it is possible [01:40:47] The #2 Business tip; Be you in what you advertise and sell [01:51:22] Reach out to me! Notable Quotes -If you don’t have a direction for where you want to be, life will take you in its path by default. -Challenges are new opportunities for growth and investments. -The price of your dreams is the choices you make today. -Facts vs. Fiction. Whatever comes out of an actual occurrence is based on your imaginations. -Everything that you could do or will do is all in your imagination. -Starting a business that you don’t want will be ten times harder (even if it is technically easier) than a business you want. -Be you, anyway. Resources: Your Breakthrough Is Often Closer Than You Think by Brett Culp- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sjMO1YbZ3YE Be curious, not judgemental by Ted Lasso- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i_FofLSherM Connect with Michael Gebben Coaching: http://themindmechanic.net Facebook: http://facebook.com/gebbs86 JOIN LIVE: http://mindtuneuptimelive.com Go here- http://takemia.com to get my Audiobook for Creators on how MIA can transform your life! *****Thank you so much for listening to MIND TUNEUP TIME! Get your mind tuned up LIVE every Tuesday at 2 pm CST, register at http://mindtuneuptimelive.com ! Please consider leaving a review and sharing it with your friends and family!
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