77 minutes | Jul 30, 2021

We're Not Family Friendly Content

Due to a major PC fault, this episode was extremely delayed due to not being able to edit the episode. Mitch kicks off the news with the 2022 BMW 2 Series being leaked online, and it's an interesting looking thing, then Matt gets us playing a mini game of Would You Rather with Porsche Boxters, and GT86's, which is entirely unusual for us to talk about 86's. We then talk about how in the world Joseph daily's his GT86 racecar, and then we talk about Silvias, and the exciting world of car insurance. Mitch then talks about getting booked for speeding after leaving Joseph's house after recording a podcast a few weeks ago, and then we reminisce over car related memories from our youth. Josepth then talks about Dodge news; Dodge has announced the first ever electric muscle car which will be blessed with the original Dodge logo, and the Hyunda i20N has been delayed until Octovber and will be priced from $32,990 before on roads. Mitch then talks about his self-healing wheel bearing after going through a water crossing in the Prado, and Joseph talks about his new genuine Rota's to put on his GT86 for daily driving duties and the tyres he's considering to throw on them, and Matt talks about gouging a hole in one of the tyres on his LandCruiser 105, and then we talk about taxes. We then end on the Car World Cup. Find us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and at www.gearsandbeersmedia.com / www.unashamedlyunprofessional.com We have a merch shop!
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