85 minutes | May 2, 2021

The Holden Brisbane

We kick off this episode with Matt talking about Ford advertising the Mach 1 Mustang here in Australia. Mitch then talks about the International Olympic Committee including simracing in a digital Olympics via what is essentially GranTurismo Academy. Mitch then talks about the 300-Series' styling that was recently leaked online, which may be just for the Middle Eastern market; Australia, Japan, and other markets expected to get a different front end. Joseph then has another Public Service Announcement regarding our listeners who may be Dacia and Renault buyers, and then gets us talking about the new Ferrari 812 VS "Versione Speciale", that features a naturally-aspirated 9,500rpm V12 that pushes 610kw. Mitch then talks about the new GWM (Great Wall Motors) 2021 Baja Snake: Shelby dual-cab ute, that has NOTHING to do with Shelby, despite sharing the Shelby trade-marked stripe and name. Then Mitch talks about Honda going all electric by 2040, and Brabham will be bringing manufacturing to Australia with a new supercar.... Allegedly, and a Subaru 22B selling for over $400,000 AUD on Bring-A-Trailer in the US. Joseph then talks about the Valencia Formula E race becoming a joke, as more than half the field ran out of battery juice due to the race having 5 safety cars. Mitch then talks about Porsche investing into a firm that produces synthetic fuels for their Motorsport pursuits, and alternative fuels. Joseph then talks about the latest Targa Tasmania having 3 deaths in one weekend. We then end on the game. Find us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and at www.gearsandbeersmedia.com / www.unashamedlyunprofessional.com We have a merch shop!
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