74 minutes | Dec 20th 2020

GDPR Weekly Show Episode 123 :- Covid19 Vaccinations, School Covid19, DHSC, Facebook, Dr Jacqui Taylor, Brexit, Twitter, Peoples Energy, Norwich, Scottish Ambulance Service, Swedish University, Desjardins, Father Christmas

Coming up in this week's episode: Should you keep details of employee's Covid-19 Vaccinations? School Covid-19 tests and GDPR implications, DHSC update on Covid-19 test result data handling, Facebook moves UK user data to California, Interview with Dr Jacqui Taylor, whose work has affected over 1/3 of the world's citizens, Brexit and UK third country status, Twitter penalty issued by Irish DPC, Peoples Energy data breach, Norwich and Norfolk University Hospital data breach, Scottish Ambulance Service not supporting data breach victims, Swedish University data breach, Desjardins data breach inquiry completed, Is Father Christmas GDPR compliant?
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