43 minutes | Nov 15th 2020

GDPR Weekly Show Episode 117 :- Occupational Health, Covid 19 Data Retention, Public Health Wales, Ticketmaster, 1 and 1, Twitter, Guernsey, Sandicliffe, 123RF, Australia, Mashable, Malta, EDPB, Instagram

Coming up in this week's episode: Guidance issued re Occupational Health data, Covid 19 App data retention rules, Public Health Wales accept GDPR report recommendations, Ticketmaster face £1.25m penalty for GDPR breach, 1 and 1 win appeal against GDPR penalty, Twitter data breach investigation nears conclusion, Guernsey legal firm fined after data breach, Sandicliffe data breach in Nottinghamshire, 123RF suffers data breach, Australian holidaymakers suffer data breach, Mashable data breach, 3 Maltese citizens take court action following data breach, EDPB issues guidance on data transfers, Instagram anti self-harm campaign awaits GDPR approval

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