59 minutes | Oct 18th 2020

GDPR Weekly Show Episode 113 :- NHS QR Codes, Covid-19, British Airways, Belgian DPA IAB, Your Lawyers, Carnival Cruises, Twitter, Hackney, Flintshire, C-Planet, Malta, CWU, Non-material damages, ICO Penalties, GDPR for freelancers, Exonar survey results

Coming up in this week's episode:

Update on NHS Track and Trace QR Codes and data collection and retention,

Wick man unhappy with response of NHS Highland to Covid-19 FOI request,

British Airways penalty reduced to £20 million,

Belgian DPA rules IAB code of practice inadequate,

Your Lawyers initiate class action against Virgin Media,

Carnival Cruises data breach update,

Twitter data breach update,

Hackney council data breach,

Flintshire council data breach,

C-Planet data breach comes to court in Malta,

CWU appoints Kellner Lekner,

Non-material damages judgement in German court following data breach,

ICO consulting on  GDPR penalty calculation,

GDPR for freelancers,

Results of Exonar survey of reasons for GDPR penalties

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