53 minutes | Sep 27th 2020

GDPR Weekly Show Episode 110 :- Covid19, GDPR Phishing Scam, AirBnB, Shopify, Stone Refurb, School data breaches, Babylon Health, Universities class action, DSAR, Irish Cookie, Penalty Comparison, Irish Car and Driver, GDPR and PSD2, Dominic Cummings, DPC

Coming up in this week's episode:

Covid19 guidance for shops and hospitality venues,

GDPR Phishing Scam,

AirBnB suffer new data breach,

Shopify data breach update,

Stone Refurb data breach leads to credit card fraud,

School data breaches involving physical documents,

Babylon Health data breach update,

Universities face class action after Blackbaud data breach,

Guidance on Data Subject Access Requests,

Irish Cookie Law has websites rushing to comply by 6th October,

Penalty comparison of GDPR regimes across Europe,

Irish Car and Driver database changes after potential data breach,

GDPR and its interaction with PSD2,

Dominic Cummings disrupts EU/UK talks on data transfers after 1st January 2021,

DPC under pressure for delays in contextual advertising real time bidding investigation

Kingsley Hayes joins Keller Lenkner,

Activision dispute whether they have had a data breach

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