48 minutes | Oct 13, 2016

Episode 09: Incentives and Emotional Impact in Papers, Please

This week we concluded our three week Arstotzkan travelogue with a look at how Papers, Please handles incentives and emotional impact. The game has an unusually subtle approach to morality and choices, and avoids Mass Effect style extreme polarized choices between good and evil. How does this all tie in to incentivizing performance improvement? What about Empathy, Narrative, and Intrigue? We cover a lot of ground this week. Papers, Please is available on PC, Mac, Linux, and iPad. At the time we recorded this episode, the iPad version was broken and didn’t factor into our discussion. Show Notes & Links Roger Kaufman’s Organizational Elements Model (OEM) Six Sigma’s SIPOC tool Bounce Rate The First Hour Experience Bloom’s Affective Taxonomy Papers, Please’s Achievements Other games mentioned in this episode Super Mario Maker Super Metroid Halo Mass Effect Knights of the Old Republic Dragon Age: Origins
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