55 minutes | Jun 11, 2019

NBA Fans and Technology: Can YOU Count to 4.5 Quadrillion?

The buzz: “Analytics is making basketball a more beautiful game” (Timo Elliott for Uber Tech). The National Basketball Association (NBA) is one of the most technologically-driven leagues in sports, reaching a global audience. But the NBA is always looking for new ways to bring fans closer to the sport they love, especially the large percentage of fans who have never seen a game live. How to fix this? The NBA and SAP launched NBA.com/Stats, making 4.5+ quadrillion combinations of NBA statistics, dating back to 1946, available real-time to fans and media. Exciting times for fans! What's next? The experts speak. Sarah Ax, Momentum Worldwide: “Pressure is a privilege” (Billie Jean King). Evan Wasch, NBA: “Take that for data!” (David Fizdale). David Martinez, Director of Global Sponsorships, SAP: “The dictionary is the only place where success comes before work” (Stubby Currence). Join us for NBA Fans & Technology: Can YOU Count to 4.5 Quadrillion?
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