68 minutes | Sep 26th 2017

Pulsar: Lost Colony - Game Club Podcast 14

 Get your crew and chart a course across the stars. It gets lonely out there in the deep of space, luckily you've got Game Club to discuss: Tabletop gaming, Tesla Batteries, SNES mini classic and this weeks Game Club game - Pulsar Lost Colony. Pulsar Lost Colony Subscribe via iTunes Join the Game Club Facebook Group Game Club on Stitcher Show your thanks to Non-Fiction Gaming for this episode by becoming a Non-Fiction Gaming Patron at Patreon.com/nfglive.  It will help ensure Game Club continues far into the future! Intro – 0:00 Nerd Week – 0:49 Gaming News – 16:11 Pulsar Discussion – 29:45 Game Recommendations – 52:00 Game Music Quiz – 57:00 Next Week on Game Club – 1:05:13 Nerd Week - Charles - Empire at War release, board game day and Legion (X-Men) first episode Daniel - GGEZ Bar Melbourne, met Juves of SIN Gaming, watched Worlds Playing NBA 2k18 and terrible at it. Catherine Alphabear, R&M VR, Mini VR headset thing News - Daniel - Accidental cross-play in Fortnite https://www.kotaku.com.au/2017/09/epic-accidentally-allows-xbox-and-ps4-cross-play-in-fortnite-disables-it/ Divinity: Original Sin 2 continues to succeed, jumping to nearly 500,000 copies sold over the weekend. Catherine - https://www.kotaku.com.au/2017/09/taiwan-has-a-hotel-just-for-gamers/ http://fortune.com/2017/09/23/tesla-battery-life-hurricane-irma/ Charles - Snes Mini Classic 30 Sep - $120 http://www.nonfictiongaming.com/2017/06/snes-mini-includes-21-games-including-star-fox-2/   Game Club - Pulsar Lost Colony PULSAR: Lost Colony is an indie game developed by Leafy Games. It is a starship simulator in which players control a spaceship in an attempt to discover the Lost Colony. Players have the choices of classes, and up to 5 players may play at once. The Alpha Version of the game released and the expected time of arrival for the final release is unknown.   Game Recommendations Catherine Daniel - Star Citizen Space Alert Star trek bridge crew Charles - Elite Dangerous   Reach out to Game Club on Twitter: Tweet to us using #GameClubCast Follow Daniel – @nfgDan Encourage Charles to Tweet – @CharlesBryers Read Catherine’s scripts – @CSMcMullen
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