86 minutes | Jun 18th 2017

Armed With Wings: Rearmed - Game Club Podcast 07

Armed with Wings: Rearmed is a 2D platforming game from Sun Studios. You're a Samurai knight on a mission of revenge from the afterlife. Fight soldiers and monsters with combos and flair, unlocking new weapons and levels. Genre: Action, Indie Developer: Sun-Studios Publisher: Sun-Studios Release Date: 1 Jun, 2017 Subscribe via iTunes Join the Game Club Facebook Group Game Club on Stitcher Show your thanks to Non-Fiction Gaming for this episode by becoming a Non-Fiction Gaming Patron at Patreon.com/nfglive. It will help ensure Game Club continues far into the future! In this Episode - Armed With Wings: Rearmed Intro - 0:00 Nerd Week - 0:40 Gaming News - 14:29 Armed With Wings: Rearmed Discussion - 41:56 Game Recommendations - 1:09:25 Quiz - 1:12:36 Next Week on Game Club - 1:17:31   Armed With Wings: Rearmed is Available From: Steam - $7.99 USD Nerd Week Catherine Natcon Charles Wonder Woman Board Game Design 40k Midnight Release Daniel Playing Hero Quest (1989) Beta Bar Disney Night Gaming News Daniel E3 and Bethesda dropped the ball. Ubisoft more of the same. Charles E3, Excited for Sea of Theives from Rare Catherine E3 - 'The Last Night' looks amazing, probably wont play it after finding out the developer's previous tweets. Game Recommendations Catherine Mark of the Ninja Rogue: Legacy Daniel Samurai Jack Ninja Gaiden Charles Magicka Limbo
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