51 minutes | Jan 12th 2021

The Modern Day Troubadour’s Song: A Deeper Message, A Deeper Spirituality With Jack Stafford

Music is life for Jack Stafford and for a long time, it is literally so. Dubbed as the modern day troubadour, Jack left his toy boy lifestyle and set out to travel the world on a bicycle, stopping to give more than 700 mini concerts in exchange for a place to sleep. Jack is a prolific songwriter having written over 400 original songs about his life experiences and diverse subjects. But what binds all these works of art together is an all-encompassing mission to serve others and help people overcome the materialistic message that wreaks havoc on modern society. Writing from Southern Italy during this pandemic, Jack has recently released his latest album, Deeper, a series of self-help songs that help people get perspective on the current crisis. Listen in as he joins Rodney Flowers on the show to share his story and his incredible spiritual wisdom with us.

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