42 minutes | Jan 5th 2021

Resilient Employees: The Differentiator That Sets Thriving Companies Apart With Eric Thomas

There are companies that are actually thriving in this environment and here's the discriminator: they have really resilient employees. But building a resilient company culture goes beyond talent. It touches on deeper things that we need to weather challenges in connecting, collaborating and being in harmony with the other players in the team as we all try to do our best in a virtual environment. Rodney Flowers devotes this episode to unpack this broad topic with Eric Thomas, a world-renowned entrepreneur, keynote speaker, author, educator, and pastor who has over 25 years of ministerial experience. This conversation is an eye-opener for organizations that in these trying times, it is not enough to focus on the bottom line; it is high time organizations think about how all their team players – from the C-suite right down to the rank and file – are managing and what should be done to empower them to collaborate towards success.

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