53 minutes | Jan 14th 2021

Get In The Game And Elevate Beyond With Jake Kelfer

Before you can win the game, you need to get in the game. It is true to sports and it is true to business and life itself. How do you muster the courage to get up and step into that arena? If you’re a sports lover (who isn’t?), you should take cues from the likes of MJ and Kobe – the legendary names that we associate with the pinnacle of achievement and success. Rodney Flowers’ guest for this episode is out on a mission to elevate leaders and entrepreneurs and help them get into this space. Jake Kelfer is a motivational speaker, lifestyle entrepreneur and bestselling author of Elevate Beyond and Elevate Your Network. He is also the founder of the Professional Basketball Combine. Love the show? Subscribe, rate, review, and share!Here’s How »Join the Game Changer Mentality Community today:rodneyflowers.comGame Changer Mentality FacebookGame Changer Mentality InstagramGame Changer Mentality LinkedInGame Changer Mentality TwitterGame Changer Mentality YouTube
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