48 minutes | Nov 17th 2020

Embrace The Good: The Key To Winning The Game Of Life With Dupé Aleru

The key to winning the game of life no matter what it throws to you is to find what’s good in everything you’re going through and embrace it. This is a powerful message that we all need to hear as we navigate a crisis that none of us has any control over. Joining Rodney Flowers to share some insights on this is Dupé Aleru, the Founder and CEO of Davi Creative, a digital creative agency servicing professional speakers and brands. A former professional teacher, Dupé stopped teaching to teach on a much wider scale. A motivational speaker and content creator herself, she excels in creating engaging video content that teaches the values and morals that we desperately need in these times... and she’s taking her talents to invade the world of TikTok! In this episode, she joins Rodney in a far-ranging discussion about adversity, racism, and education. Join in and be enlightened, chided, motivated, and inspired all at the same time.

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