38 minutes | Jan 7th 2021

Daily Habits To Help You Manage Your Mental Health During Mega Change With Sheila Robinson-Kiss

It can be too easy not to think about mental health if you seem to be okay on the surface, but managing mental health is a daily responsibility that we have for ourselves. All roads lead to mental health. Whether it’s in your job, your business or your personal life, what goes on inside your head manifests in your outside world. Sheila Robinson-Kiss couldn’t be clearer about this as she speaks with Rodney Flowers in this episode. Sheila is a licensed clinical social worker, mental health educator, keynote speaker, award-winning author, and the founder and CEO of The Rebalancing America and Beyond Initiative. To Sheila, there are many ways to maintain your mental health and not all of them involve talking to a therapist. Listen in as she shares some incredible daily habits that you can take upon yourself to be more accountable with your own thoughts and emotions.

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