53 minutes | Nov 27th 2020

Beyond Resilience: Unlocking The Secrets To Peak Performance With Eric Partaker

Resilience is a key part of peak performance, but even beyond resilience is antifragility – the ability to get stronger with every blow. It is something that individuals and organizations need to develop, especially during this unprecedented time of adversity. Joining Rodney Flowers to walk us through this much-needed human quality is Eric Partaker, an executive coach who has had the distinction of being named CEO of the Year at the BEF 2019 Awards. Eric talks about achieving anti-fragility and reframing stress as the keys to performing at a peak state. The beauty about these secrets to peak performance is that they can be learned. It just takes the right amount of willingness and intentionality. Eric also talks about his book, The 3 Alarms, which is available for free on his website, plus some incredible routines that will make your life better and more productive.

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