19 minutes | Sep 1, 2016

21: Setting and Managing Client Expectations


Meeting customer needs and expectations is critical to business success.  Bad customer service can ruin your business. Customer-staff interactions or moments accrue leading to customer experience which should generally be great. They do have varied needs and priorities such as service quality, comfort, relaxation, (even entertainment☺), trust, and most importantly, affordability. These may change from time to time just as their moods and behavior change. Their expectations may also be heightened depending on the situation or stimuli. 

A customer may be very clear in telling you what his exact preferences are but others may not be as vocal. You could run the risk of assuming what his needs are. To avoid this, standard procedures and processes should be in place. Other clients book online so the first client-staff interaction really starts at the front desk. Make sure you have a full understanding of customer service and your personnel are fully trained. Elise talks about setting client expectations in this episode. 

Get the details of the following from the podcast: 

  • Start by greeting your client at the front desk with a sweet smile
  • Ask a set of clear and specific questions and actively listen
  • Allergies to anything?
  • Any particular type of massage preferred?
  • Therapist preference, if client is a regular
  • Make sure you understand them clearly, note down his preferences on the client profile
  • Clients expect results, great experience, and great quality of service 
  • Develop strategies for a great client experience 
  • Meeting  client needs and expectations 
  • Can you exceed client expectations? 
  • Each customer is different – how to adapt to each of them 
  • Avoiding disruptions
  • Ask more questions: 
    • How is the pressure?
    • Do you like the music?
    • Room temperature okay?
    • Need water or any drink? 


  • How to maintain and even make  good service better 
  • Resolving issues; rectifying the situation by personally talking to customers 
  • Give customers a way to provide feedback, either through a questionnaire survey, email, or a phone call

Listen to the podcast for all the details: www.gamechangeyourbiz.com

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