21 minutes | May 28, 2020

Hold a secret till you die or spill the beans

Will you let your children or future children know who you were as a person before they were even born? I'm talking about 15 year old you up to whenever you decided to start a family or as most of you up till your accident happened...bellodeseooo explains what she went through when she found out her mom kept a deep secret from her till she was 21..listen to this episode and let us know if you would tell your child that daddy accidentally busted in mommy or mommy loved getting high at views while drinking a tall can of modelo or maybe you will be that parent that will take it to the grave HAHA let us know on IG >> https://www.instagram.com/geeandbee_podcast /<<P.S. THANK YOU FOR MAKING IT TO EPISODE 5, I APPRECIATE YOU AND THE LOVE YOU HAVE FOR US <3 
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