29 minutes | Sep 27, 2020


In this episode Bellodeseooo flys solo and gets emotional AGAIN 🙄 lmao she discusses past traumas, recent pain and hurt and most important the eternal peace found only in God.WE WEREN'T LYING WHEN WE SAID WE WERE GONNA GET PERSONAL!GabbyDaSalvi couldn’t make it because it was her first day working that pole, doing something strange for a lil bit of change!! Haha nah I’m just fucking with y’all, you gotta keep your sense of humor man! Excuse the emotion behind this episode It was recorded with a very heavy heart BUT we still gave y’all a lil ass clap 😏 p.s. We couldn’t edit this episode and add our intro please excuse the glitches 😅 WE STILL HAVE THE INTRO don’t get it twisted. 😬😜DONT FORGET TO FOLLOW US ON INSTAGRAM @GEEANDBEE_PODCASTThanks for listening!!!!! We love you guys!!!!!
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