22 minutes | Nov 21, 2020

Gab & Jam Ep 174 Doing Inner And Outer Work Is Necessary To Stay Creative Podcast

Ep 174 Doing inner/outer work is necessary to stay creative Video Description What does it take to remain receptive to your muse? That’s the question when seeking a long-term creativity. Here are some things to consider when we want to remain creative: Inspired by Creative Pep Talk Ep 312 "Do You Know Who You Are? Find Your Creative Identity Now" https://www.creativepeptalk.com/episodes/312 Inner/Outer work necessary to remain creative: 1. How to know how much to share 2. How to know how crazy is too crazy 3. Must agree to be vulnerable to find yourself and/or to express yourself 4. Solitude is necessary 5. Experiencing life is also necessary 6. Things are different now. (Communication/feedback is so readily available that it makes it hard to just bumble along and/or to just be experimental. Temptation is great to get more followers/likes.) What do you think? What did we leave out that you KNOW helps keep you creative? Leave it in the comments below. #creative #muse #diyrockstar #prejippie #bloomingprejippie #songwriter #music #artist Here’s what we’re into now: • Tom Ray’s Art Podcast: https://bit.ly/tomraypodcast • “Sugar Fit” on Darkest Corners of the World Podcast S2 E3 http://bit.ly/sugarfitdarkestpod • “Flying High” (from “Sugar Fit” album) on Toes in the Sand Playlist http://bit.ly/toesplaylist • “Sugar Fit” on his Spotify “Indie: Undiscovered But Brilliant: Vol. 3” http://bit.ly/SugarFitonPlaylist2 • “Sugar Fit” on No Sugar Radio http://bit.ly/nosugarradiosugarfit We have decided, upon popular demand, to offer you, our listeners, a chance to get a fully loaded two-disc vinyl version of our new funk album, “Sugar Fit.” Click the link below to make your presence felt. Order yours today. Vinyl Pre-Order Campaign through Patreon ( http://bit.ly/sugarfitvinyl ) NOW: New funk album, “Sugar Fit,” by Bourgeoisie Paper Jam (pre-order) http://bit.ly/BandCampPMG and follow on Spotify at https://bit.ly/bpjspotfollow and By popular demand: Vinyl Pre-Order Campaign through Patreon ( http://bit.ly/sugarfitvinyl ) Mentioned/seen in video: • Stars in Your Eyes Eyewear (Austin, TX) • Hartke Amp (see unboxing at https://youtu.be/QZaDmme2FMQ ) • Fodera Bass • Earrings: bitsch_kitsch_london http://bit.ly/kitschbitsch MUSIC: “I Get Faded (No Voce),” PMG Cool & Quirky Custom Music (through Songtradr at http://bit.ly/2QGRatf ) More Ways to experience B L O O M I N G P R E J I P P I E : • Blog: http://bit.ly/bloomingprejippie • Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/bloomingprejippie • Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/bloomingprejipp • Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/bloomingprejippie • Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/bloomingprejippie • YouTube: http://bit.ly/youtubesubprejippie • SoundCloud (Gab & Jam podcast): http://bit.ly/gabandjam • SoundCloud (music): https://soundcloud.com/prejippie • BandCamp (music): http://bit.ly/BandCampPMG • Spotify Artist Profile: https://bit.ly/bpjspotfollow (Please follow!) • Funky Happy People (Who Listen to a Variety of Genres of Music) Facebook Group: http://bit.ly/funkyhappyjoin • Be the Next D.I.Y. Rock Star Facebook Group: http://bit.ly/diyrockstarjoin Please subscribe. Thanks. http://bit.ly/youtubesubprejippie Until next Monday, here’s wishing love, peace, and chicken grease!
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