203 minutes | Jul 25, 2021

Episode 58: T.C. Elliott Returns from Uncharted Waters!

Thanks for stopping by for this episode! It's been a month since we last posted, and I appreciate you sticking with me and coming back.Our first "season" or so of the showcase is winding down. This is one of the last three episodes, before the team goes on a break to focus on some creative endeavors outside of the podcasting world.Don't worry though! We WILL be back with new episodes, when the time is right.Today's show is brought to you by G Slade & his latest single "Cancelled" featuring WorldsNotGrey, which you can hear on your favorite music platform, including YouTube & TikTok.Looking for a great gift for the Indie Music fan in the family? Or for yourself? Get some pretty rad gear and support the show by grabbing a hoodie, shirt, magnets, stickers, and much more over at http://MERCH.GSLADE.COMYou can find G Slade on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon Music and most other platforms.Visit http://gslade.com for more!Remember that you can hear all of the songs played on the podcast by following and listening to the Official Spotify Playlist for the show. It's called Featured On G Slade's Indie Music Showcase. It's hard to find a better mix of indie music. http://playlist.gsladeshow.comReturn guests are nothing new to the indie show, and this episode brings back one of our longest time friends in the indie music scene, the man, the myth, the sex symbol, T.C. Elliott!Mr. Elliott is back with a brand new album, "Uncharted Waters". We'll listen to a little bit of it, but we'll talk a whole lot more, and you won't want to miss a second. It's all life changing and mentally riveting stuff. I give you a money back guarantee! Since the show is free, I'll even double it!Find out if the Stones are overrated; if all popular music is engineered to be average; are well all sellouts after all?You won't regret hanging out with us for a couple of hours. It may even change your life. It will at least change your shorts. Find even more of the sex symbol that is T.C. Elliott on the WEB : SPOTIFY : https://open.spotify.com/artist/1W67UmC7lsejbv4PfEe50J?si=P2E2j54oTaSSCTdn4vkyyg&dl_branch=1BANDCAMP : https://tcelliott.bandcamp.com/YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMHzMH8zDS7lTS7dyRPDQKwThanks again for checking us out.See even more of us online at:WEB :: http://gsladeshow.comInstagram :: https://www.instagram.com/gslademusicpodcast/YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWwYWudA2f7jO5i-6ZKOwYgTwitter :: https://twitter.com/gslademusicpod1RSS Feed :: https://feeds.captivate.fm/gsladeshow/Merch :: http://MERCH.GSLADE.COMSpotify Playlist :: http://playlist.gsladeshow.comIt's all about spreading the joy and love for indie music. Thanks so much for stopping by!
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