41 minutes | Mar 24, 2021

#5 Re-imagining the Human body; how science and technology raises new questions

EPISODE 5: Trendwatcher Renske Mennen, founder of Trend Agency Move, in an interview with Charlotte Jarvis, artist and lecturer working at the intersection of art and science. “It is the first piece of information we ask about a baby – Is it a boy or a girl? Historically, the upmost importance has been placed on this perceived dichotomy. It is the basis of traditional notions of family, politics, culture and medicine, underpinning the patriarchal and normative societies that have for the most part dominated human history. Yet in the 21st century, advances in science and technology necessitate a reimagining of our physical boundaries. Our bodies have become sites for transformation, hybridization and magic. We are co-created and reimagined. Stem cell technology, personalized medicine, transplantation and augmentation askwhat is a human body? Can we define it? Should we try? “ Charlotte Jarvis: “My practice often utilises living cells and DNA: I have recorded music onto DNA, seen my heart beat outside of my body and am currently making the world’s first female sperm. my work explores the body as a liminal space – a site for transformation, hybridisation and magic.” Don’t forget to check Charlotte’s website: https://cjarvis.com/ And IG: @charlottekayjarvis
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