31 minutes | Feb 17, 2021

#4 How bacterial dyeing can change the toxic fashion industry

EPISODE 4: Trendwatcher Renske Mennen, founder of Trend Agency Move, in an interview with Dutch designers Laura Luchtman and Ilfa Siebenhaar. Twenty percent of all fresh water pollution is caused by textile dyeing and treatment. Dutch designers Laura Luchtman and Ilfa Siebenhaar have collaborated to offer the textile industry a sustainable solution against toxic synthetic textile dyes. Some bacteria can produce pigment. These are biodegradable and friendly to humans, animals and the environment. ‘Living Colour’ is a biodesign research project exploring the possibilities of natural textile dyeing with living bacteria and sound frequencies. Laura and Ilfa explain how bacteria dyeing works and why it is a more sustainable way to colour the world. The Living Colour project also partnered with PUMA to design and create the world's first sportswear dyed with bacteria. Don’t forget to check their website and IG too! https://livingcolour.eu/ https://www.instagram.com/livingcolourcollective/ Interview by: Renske Mennen, Edited by: Daniel van Haren, Music by: Alec Todd
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