45 minutes | Jan 20, 2021

#3 The impact of AI on our daily lives

EPISODE 3: Trendwatcher Renske Mennen, founder of Trend Agency Move, in an interview with Rudy van Belkom, Futures Researcher at Netherlands Study Centre for Technology Trends. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is influencing our daily lives, and it is expected that the impact will only grow. According to Rudy van Belkom the future of AI is not a utopia neither a dystopia. In this episode Rudy explains that it is important to focus on the associated ethical and social choices, like for example privacy and safety. Also, Rudy explains how technology has impact on decision-making in democracy, and how AI can add value to this in the future. Rudy van Belkom is researcher, innovator, speaker and author with a focus on the interrelation between technological and societal developments. He believes that the future is something that we can shape together, rather than something that happens to us. Don't forget to check out these websites! https://detoekomstvanai.nl/ https://stt.nl/en/futures-studies/de-toekomst-van-ai/ai-no-longer-has-a-plug Interview by: Renske Mennen, Edited by: Daniel van Haren, Music by: Alec Todd
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