32 minutes | May 11, 2020

#1 The first digital fashion house The Fabricant, an interview with co-founder Amber Jae Slooten

EPISODE 1: Trendwatcher Renske Mennen, founder of Trend Agency Move, in an interview with Amber Jae Slooten, co-founder of the digital fashion house 'The Fabricant' Digital fashion designer Amber Jae Slooten is my first guest in this brand-new podcast-series. While architects are using digital programs to create models instead of using materials like paper, the fashion industry is doing the exact opposite. Slooten decided to start developing digital fashion design. Together with Kerry Murphy she co-founded The Fabricant, a digital fashion house. It is a possible scenario that the lines between the online and offline life will blur so enormously, that we’ll only wear one physical garment every day. In this episode Amber Jae Slooten talks about the reason why she began digital fashion design, and how she predicts it will influence us in the future. Amber Jae Slooten: “I think that technology enables us to connect more to each other, rather than alienate us.” Interview by: Renske Mennen, Recorded by: Alec Todd, Edited by: Daniel van Haren, Music by: Alec Todd
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