39 minutes | Jul 29th 2019

The Future of Racism in America w/Terry McAuliffe

Governor Terry McAuliffe confronted racism in a formerly confederate state, and turned Virginia from red to purple to blue. He was governor when white supremecists and neo-nazis descended on Charlottesville, VA and watched first hand as rioters and protesters clashed in the streets. McAuliffe joins to talk about his new book, Beyond Charlottesville, Taking a Stand Against White Nationalism, that recounts the events that day and how America should move forward against racism. He also discusses his time as Governor, including his economic and legislative success in Virginia and restoring the rights of former felons under strong partisan opposition. Gov. McAuliffe also shares his thoughts in the run up to the 2020 elections, including his view of the Democratic candidates and how the field will likely change over the coming months. All this and more on this week’s Future State. 



Twitter: @TerryMcAuliffe

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