44 minutes | Jul 22nd 2019

The Future of Privacy and Surveillance, Part 2

Eva Galperin is leading the charge to save our civil liberties in cyberspace. On Part 2 of the Future of Privacy and Surveillance, Eva and Dick talk about privacy and security for vulnerable populations around the world, including here in the United States. Eva seeks to take down an industry makes malicious software for monitoring the devices (and lives) of ordinary people. Stalkerware, or spouseware, are programs that can be covertly loaded onto phones and computers of unwitting victims by their abusive spouses, helicopter parents, or nosy employers. She is successfully lobbying the antivirus industry and lawmakers to crackdown on the industry, and recognize its oppressive nature. Eva and Dick also talk about the efforts of governments around the world that use similar tactics to monitor and oppress their own citizens. They discuss how increasingly sophisticated technologies like facial recognition and A.I. are currently unreliable, increasing the likelihood of government abuse of civil liberties.



Twitter: @evacide

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