50 minutes | Jul 8th 2019

The Future of Privacy and Surveillance

Jon Callas is a computer security expert, software engineer, user experience designer, and technologist. This week, Callas and Clarke talk about the early days of encryption, where Callas was a major contributor to the field as a co-founder of Pretty Good Privacy software. They discuss government forays into surveillance, like using the clipper chip to secure voice and data messages, as well as the FBI’s attempt to pressure Apple to create software access to iPhones following the San Bernardino terrorist attack. They also discuss the rise in surveillance through facial recognition technology, including Taylor Swift’s security team tracking down stalkers through mass facial recognition at concerts. Overall, they get into the details about the growing capabilities of surveillance state and need for better policies for maintaining privacy under gaze of government surveillance. And the need for more rules and regulations to keep from losing privacy through “a death of a Thousand Cuts.” 

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