52 minutes | Jun 3rd 2019

The Future of Hacking Democracy Part 2

Simon Rosenberg is a political strategist for the Democratic National Committee and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, with decades of experience working in multi-platform political campaigns. Rosenberg shares unique insights from the hacking of the Democratic party institutions during the 2016 election. He discusses the tactics used by the Russians that, he asserts, had a determinative effect Donald Trump’s victory. He discusses the evolution of social media disinformation campaigns that impacted the 2018 elections. And how he and his colleagues worked with tech giants like Facebook, Twitter and Google to combat foreign-source accounts, bots, and trolls online. From these experiences, Rosenberg has ideas on how campaigns, candidates, and the government should be preparing for the next round of interference in the 2020 elections.  

Websites and Social Media: https://www.ndn.org/   Twitter: @SimonWDC

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