54 minutes | Mar 30, 2021

Episode 149: Natasha Pearl Hansen interviewed by Jake Snell

In episode 149 the tables have turned, as host Natasha Pearl Hansen (@NPHcomedy) is interviewed by Jake Snell (@jake_snell_). She gives her audience the sneak peak of her comedy special drop date (April 20th) and the launch of her startup My Break-Up Registry (@mybreakupregistry) in tandem.Here they discuss the journey, the hardships, the sacrifices and the "why's" behind the creative process and becoming a founder.Are you looking to start a business and don't know how? Follow Natasha and join Sophia Amoruso's Business Class to help you create your business the right way: https://enroll.takebusinessclass.com/referral/9NGjikwy/Su1Zrd3KxJbD1Asz...and sign up for Natasha's Break-Up Registry email list to be the first "in the know" regarding the launch and community at www.mybreakupregistry.com.
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