45 minutes | Mar 1, 2021

134. The Personal Impact of Change | with Karl Ahlrichs

If there’s one word that describes the past year with a fair amount of accuracy, it would have to be “change.” It’s been a year of unprecedented change, in a lot of ways, and that change impacts each of us — often in ways that are very personal.Karl Ahlrichs is going to help us explore how change impacts us and what we can do to adapt. Karl is a bestselling author and an acclaimed national speaker who works across all industries and has a wealth of experience in human resources, operations, and senior-level problem-solving.He talks about the personal impact of change, the different types of change, the different ways in which we process it, the four stages we all go through when dealing with change, and the most important thing we should be focusing on as we work our way through any sort of change.To learn more, and for the complete show notes, visit blionline.org/blog.Resources:expertspeaks.comlinkedin.com/in/karlahlrichsAll Change is PersonalThe Personal Impact of Workplace Change: Letting Go & Crossing OverUnderstanding The Impacts Of ChangeFuture-Proof is a production of Crate Media
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