41 minutes | Jan 11, 2021

127. Looking Back & Looking Ahead on the CPA Profession | with Allen DeLeon

Allen DeLeon is a founding partner of DeLeon & Stang in Gaithersberg, MD, and is one of the most active volunteers in the Maryland Association of CPAs. He’s a member of the boards of directors for numerous community organizations and he has a solid pulse on what’s going on in the profession. Allen retired at the beginning of 2021, and as he steps away from his day-to-day duties, he talks about how things have changed during his career, and how he sees the future playing out for the profession. Sometimes, in order to become future-ready, we have to take a good, hard look at our past while we prepare for what’s to come.To learn more, and for the complete show notes, visit blionline.org/blog.Resources:deleonandstang.comlinkedin.com/in/allendeleon“The Year Ahead: 2021 in Numbers.”Future-Proof is a production of Crate Media
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