25 minutes | Jan 21st 2019

Trends and Challenges in Recruiting and Talent Acquisition

Today’s Future of Work Talk show focuses on trends and challenges in recruiting and talent acquisition, what’s now, what’s next, and what’s exciting.

My guest is Kara Mignanelli from the Global Strategic Management Institute (GSMI), an organization focused on educating today’s leaders for tomorrow’s performance. Kara is the SVP of People for GSMI and she’s also the company’s general counsel. Business is more complicated today than ever before, fueled by technology, privacy issues, compliance requirements, and social media … to name just a few, and it’s probably both awesome and rare to have the person who leads your HR team also happen to be an attorney.

GSMI is immersed in the educational space and focused on producing events across the country that make people better at what they do and to always be challenging the status quo. In fact, the status quo is a pretty dangerous place to settle in for long, largely due to how quickly technology has changed, is changing, and will change our world. It’s really that simple.

Kara and I kicked off our conversation by talking about an event that’s coming up fairly quickly, the Social Recruiting Strategies Conference, which will be held in San Francisco on January 31 and February 1.

Kara covers information about the event and what the audience generally looks like, and if you’re involved in talent recruitment in any way, this event should definitely be on your radar screen. 

Next, we tackle some trends and challenges in recruiting and talent acquisition. Kara shares with us her insights on……

The top recruiting trends shaping recruiting & hiring for 2019.

The most challenging trend that will change the way recruiters do their job.

The biggest barriers to adopting and implementing technology like Artificial Intelligence or virtual reality in Talent Acquisition.

Kara also gives us a preview of some of the speakers featured at the SRSC event as well as the benefits in attending an event like SRSC.

Bottom line, as someone who has spoken at GMSI events in the past, the events are top-notch. The audience is engaged, the quality of the speakers are unparalleled, and the topics covered are critically important for today’s recruitment and talent acquisition pros. Check out the conference agenda here: SRSC Agenda and register here: SRSC Registration Link.

Get yourself to the Social Recruiting Strategies Conference! The event is in San Francisco from January 31st to February 1st and who doesn’t need a reason to get to SFO?

I would be remiss to not also mention some upcoming GMSI events, as they are also sure to be excellent. They include:

Social Media Strategies Summit (two events)

March 19-21 in Anaheim and Chicago April 30-May2

The Business of Blockchain, March 19-21 in Anaheim

Employer Branding Strategies Conference, held in San Diego in May,

The Business of Bots, San Francisco February 5-7

You can find the full list of GMSI events here.

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