30 minutes | Oct 30th 2018

How Diverse and Inclusive Teams Change the Game - FOW 007

Shelly Kramer's guest on today's Future of Work Talk show is Debbie Madden, CEO and founder of Stride Consulting, an Agile software development consultancy in NYC.    Debbie has unparalleled leadership in the technology space, and she's pretty good at writing her own success stories, building five companies from the ground up prior to founding Stride. She's also the author of Hire Women: An Agile Framework for Hiring and Retaining Women in Tech and a sought-after speaker on the topic of diversity in tech.    Debbie is a CEO, wife, mom, cancer survivor—and, well, in case it's not already crystal clear, she's pretty much a badass in every sense. With a reputation as a passionate woman executive in technology, she's is a sought-after writer and speaker discussing diversity and inclusion, hiring technology leaders, and defending women in the workplace. She has appeared in popular media outlets such as Inc., Forbes, and The Wall Street Journal.    A few minutes with Debbie and you'll see that she's as passionate about helping businesses embrace diversity and inclusion as she is about helping her clients improve business outcomes through the use of software—and she's nothing short of amazing.   Some of the things we discuss include: 


  • What inspired the book Hire Women, and Debbie's unique approach to writing it. 
  • The characteristics of being a great leader isn't something we're born with—it's something we learn over time. And sometimes, when you're least expecting it, life can throw you a curveball that inadvertently results in you becoming an even better leader. Debbie's story is a prime example of just that. 
  • Diverse teams are more effective and get more done than homogenous ones. Yet, despite decades of effort, many tech teams are failing at hiring and retaining women. The reason: we’re looking in the wrong place. Hiring women doesn’t start with recruiting—but she'll tell you where it does start and how to revamp your approach.
  • Want to champion inclusion and diversity within your organization? Debbie has some great advice on how to make that happen, in a way that's measurable and sustainable and positions you for success. 
  • Debbie's advice to women on how to do some work in advance that will allow more buy in for their ideas and presentations (and it's really simple).