40 minutes | Jul 10, 2018

Space, Spirituality, and Flying Cars with Thi Hien Nguyen - Episode 8

Whenever one discusses the future, the topic of space is bound to pop up. No one understands this better than Thi Hien Nguyen, founder of Spaceconnex. Spaceconnex is one of the many companies leading the charge into space today, seeking to bring together like-minded people who wish to see humanity reach the stars. In this episode, Carl welcomes Thi Hien to discuss a verity of topics. They discuss why humanity must become a multi-planet species if it wants to survive long term in the galaxy. Then, they discuss how scientists are making new discoveries that seem to legitimize beliefs that were once seen as spiritual. Finally, Thi Hien shares where she expects humanity to be in 20 years.
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