45 minutes | Jul 17, 2018

Job Seekers, Skill Gaps, and the Future of Work with Fiona Anson - Episode 9

As technology changes, so too do jobs that have been around for decades. To help people find new jobs, as well as to analyze trends to see where jobs are headed, Fiona Anson co-founded the website Job Getter, of which she is now the co-CEO.  Job Getter originated in Australia but has recently started expanding its service overseas. On this episode, Carl welcomes Fiona to talk about the changing landscape of jobs and jobseekers. They discuss how there is a rising demand for service-based labor, and how to entice job seekers to make use of that demand. Then, Fiona reveals how some jobs are moving away from requiring a degree, instead hoping to hire people that will work well in the environment of their job. Finally, Fiona talks about what jobs will soon be done by automation, and which will remain human-run for a long time to come.
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