48 minutes | May 22nd 2018

Distributed Power, Blockchain, and the Future of Utilities with Dave Martin - Episode 1

Dave Martin is the co-founder and managing director of Power Ledger Pty Ltd., Prior to this, Dave has worked as a senior executive of Horizon Power and manager of public affairs for Western Power; he has nearly 20 years’ experience in the Western Australia electricity industry. Power Ledger is the “world leading peer-to-peer marketplace for renewable energy.” Power Ledger uses blockchain technology to revolutionize the sale of surplus renewable energy at multi-unit residential and commercial developments, homes, and businesses connected to micro-grids.

In this episode, Dave discusses the disadvantages of using coal as a power source, the expensive cost associated with making a kilowatt-hour, changing the energy industry through the process of blockchain, and microgrids and dynamic economies. He also discusses the advantages of Power Ledger, its platform