46 minutes | Jun 5, 2018

3D Printing, Drones, & 3D Modeling in Mining & Construction - Episode 3

Dave Meney is the owner of Yenem Engineering Services in Perth, Australia and the mentor for his dynamic team. He and his team have been working for 25 years to help companies get the most out of their structures and improve their production. Dave and his team aim to address structural issues before buildings collapse or other issues arise. His philosophy is that regular structural inspections increase the life of structures and reduce the cost of production and therefore will improve workflow. In this episode, Dave discusses the purpose of his company as well as the future of 3D printing, drones, and 3D modeling in the future of mining and construction. He insists that a change in thinking is needed for the trust and support of 3D printing technology with steel. Dave states that 3D printing technology with steel lowers the time and cost of building construction and structural inspections using drones will benefit and transform society in the future.
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