57 minutes | Nov 10, 2016

The Future of Distributed Manufacturing and 3D Printing

The buzz: “3D printing is already shaking our age-old notions of what can and can’t be made.” (Hod Lipson) It may not be far in the future when a significant amount of the products manufactured today in the four walls of a factory are actually manufactured in a store, repair shop or even a home. How? Distributed Manufacturing leveraging 3D printing is pushing the bounds of the possible. Technology has already moved beyond 3D printed sugar cubes and pasta to building 3D printed cars and even prosthetic limb replacement. What is the timeline of scaling from toys to a real, productive business approach? And how do IoT and security figure into the mix? The experts speak. Alan Amling, UPS: “Failure is not fatal, but failure to change might be” (John Wooden). Rick Smith, Fast Radius: “The future ain’t what it used to be” (Yogi Berra). Gil Perez, SAP: “I failed my way to success” (Thomas Edison). Join us for The Future of Distributed Manufacturing and 3D Printing.
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