32 minutes | Mar 1, 2021

Ep. 30.0 - Christophe Roquilly, Director of the Augmented Law Institute at EDHEC

"Future Law" is a global phenomenon with multiple local applications. What's different about the French experience, and what does the French experience share with the future of law elsewhere? The EDHEC Business School in Lille is the home of the new Augmented Law Institute, a purposeful blending of training in law, business, and technology that builds on EDHEC's long-standing investment in multi-purpose professional preparation.  In this episode of the Future Law Podcast, Mike Madison interviews Christophe Roquilly, the Director of the Augmented Law Institute and the architect of EHDEC's law-plus-business programming. Links: The Augmented Law Institute at EDHEC Business School Professor Christophe RoquillySee omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.
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