64 minutes | Nov 29, 2020

#039 Intera: Consciousness of Ancient Civilizations - Betty J. Kovacs PhD (Author)

In this episode, I speak with Dr. Betty Kovacs, author of Merchants of Light, about how the ancient civilizations had higher interconnectivity with cosmic consciousness through their shaman-mystic traditions.

Today this consciousness is surfacing once again all around the world.  It is rising out of the dreaming, symbolic, visionary mind that is sensitive to deeper orders of reality and in tune with the creative principles of both the human psyche and the universe. This mode of consciousness can heal the wounds of our current worldview by igniting these creative principles within modern, rational consciousness.

Here’s what you can expect from the episode;

- What is Merchants of Light?
- What are the misunderstandings of our view of ancient civilizations?
- How the ancient people were using sacred plants and other techniques to reach altered state of consciousness
- How the Duerteronomists reversed the course of our spiritual and religious construct
- What she thinks the ancient civilizations will say about our modern society

She received her Ph.D. from the University of California, Irvine, in Comparative Literature and Theory of Symbolic/Mythic Language. She taught Literature, Writing, and Symbolic/Mythic Language for twenty-five years. She served many years as Chair and Program Chair on the Board of Directors of the Jung Society of Claremont in California and sits on the Academic Advisory Board of Forever Family Foundation. She speaks to national and global audiences through webinars, keynote presentations, and media interviews. Dr. Kovacs is the author of Merchants of Light: The Consciousness That Is Changing the World, winner of the Nautilus Silver Book Award and The Scientific & Medical Network 2019 Book Prize. She has also written The Miracle of Death: There Is Nothing But Life.   

See her detailed explanation of the Merchants of Light here.
Her book is on Amazon.

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Guest: Betty J. Kovacs PhD
Host: Takatoshi Shibayama
Music: ShowNing

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