65 minutes | Apr 30, 2021

The Future of eCommerce Agencies is Discourse- Our past informs our future decisions.

The agency world doesn’t get enough respect

  • Agencies are a necessary part of fractionalizing expertise. Legal and accounting are good examples of fractionalized professional services.
  • The more mature you are as a business, the more it becomes imperative to bring those capabilities in house.
  • Proof points of DTC brands who acquired professional services: Ro and Glossier
  • Agencies are concentrators of expertise. Commerce platforms, like Magento, require domain expertise and platform specialization to implement — and many brands lack the ability to run this kind of operation in-house.
  • “I don't think the agency world gets enough respect and agencies are concentrators of talent. Like they are concentrators of expertise. And the last time I looked, technologists make the decisions that create the experiences that your customers interact with.”
  • Creating an anti-competitive ecosystem in eCommerce requires rethinking power structures. Brian recapped thoughts on this process of questioning those power structures, relating back to his Insiders piece: Rethinking Brand Power Structures
  • “You are who you are because of the things that you've seen and the experiences you've had. That has a huge bearing on the way that we think of whatever the future is, because the future is determined by what's happened in the past”
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