44 minutes | Jun 2, 2021

[Step by Step] How Can Marketplaces Leverage Shipping?

A Different Innovation “Shipping is a growth engine. The entire web is possible, all eCommerce is possible because you could ship stuff. The question is, how do you master that in a way that is intentional as a brand or as a marketplace?” - James As the largest resale marketplace, the mechanics of Flyp are run differently. Flyp works to connect owners with sellers, creating a different experience. In the process they use bulk shipping to diversify the engagement in the marketplace. “We have an entire matching system that is designed to essentially incentivize pro sellers to behave and to perform better with their customers. A lot of our analytics are done around the efficiency of distribution that our resellers are offering to their customers on Flyp.” - JamesShipping is constantly changing and Shippo is changing with it, providing new ways to execute and build fast. “One of the benefits of having Shippo is they've got this really cool feature where you give the information that you need and then you can pick the one that works for you, and we are able to leverage that in different ways.” - DaniAssociated Links:Get connected with Shippo!Find Flyp here: https://www.joinflyp.com/Listen to our other Step by Step seasonsFind our Future Commerce episodes on our website.Have any questions or comments about the show? Let us know on Futurecommerce.fm, or reach out to us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn.
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