54 minutes | May 7, 2021

Rally and The Age of Fractional Ownership (feat. Rob Petrozzo, CPO of Rally)

Nostalgia and Monoculture
  • Rob shares the story of how Rally acquired a copy of the Declaration of Independence, and their plan to make it accessible to the public
  • Gen Z is growing up to be a completely different wealth creation cycle then the one that currently exists
  • Rob breaks down how Rally operates, the legal system that makes their IPOs possible, and how the system they created is both an online and in-person museum
  • “We tried to create an ecosystem that is built around access but has a little bit for everybody involved, people that care about these assets individually.” - Rob 
  • “It's more important to have one of those sort of the Genesis moment of a franchise that I truly do believe has staying power and will live forever, then it is to have stock in a company where I'm beholden to, you know, a car manufacturer and something that's a little bit disconnected from the CEO of that company right now.” - Rob 
  • By keying in on nostalgia, Rally is unlocking the interest of a new type of investor. Nintendo’s mark on the culture has a strong nostalgia with a current generation experiencing new liquidity, looking to invest into new asset classes.
  • “Anything that has that huge enthusiast group, the people who really care about it, has gotten out of reach because of access or price, that's a space that we want to be in.” - Rob
  • Speculative future assets may be absurdist in nature. An example Rob gives is a Theranos centrifuge. It may not be worth much now, but acquiring it now for its potential future value is something that Rally thinks a lot about as they build for the future.
  • You cannot buy spent Chernobyl fuel rods on Rally (yet).
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